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Recurring Services Explained

Weekly - This is our most affordable service on a per visit basis and the reason for that is it makes it easier for us to maintain your lawn to the highest level due to frequency of visits. We are able to spend less time on properties because we were there last week and the week before, It also allows us to keep a clean schedule of consistent work without having to have some days be heavier than other days because of the bi-weekly cuts landing with the weekly. It also gives you the most beautiful lawn!

Bi-Weekly - This service is for the Budget focused client, it is the most affordable service as total dollars are concerned, but you do sacrifice the look of the lawn due to the length between cuts (its going to look worse longer) It also means we have to charge MORE per service because of how much more time we will need to spend on site getting it back to looking good from the last service, as well as the inconvenience it puts on our scheduling as we may need to work longer hours to catch up (think overtime at work, cost more!)

Skips - For our weekly customers we offer the option to skip service when service is not needed, We understand sometimes you just don't need service, perhaps we have not had rain in weeks, or you mowed your own lawn. However we limit this feature to 3 Skips per year, After that 3rd skip we will transition you into a Bi-Weekly Service to match the frequency of service and update your pricing accordingly.

Customer Service Ultimately we care about you and your lawn, and want you to have the service you desire, so talk with us, we are sure we can make the service fit your needs, as we said all lawns are a bit different and need special care to be just right. Call or Text 816-885-8606 to get questions answered quickly.

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