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DeWALT enters the Commercial Mowing Game with Home Depot

DeWalt has Launched a new line of Commercial Stand-On Mowers that are setting some pretty high bars, It will be interesting to see if they can hold true and back it up with proven performance over the long-term.

A Quick Glance at some of the Key Features that go with the 2 New Models hitting showroom floors in 2021!

Key Features

  • Two Models, 48" and 54" Cutting Deck DXGX548P and DXGX554P Respectfully

  • 26 HP Kaw FT Electronic Fuel Injected with Throttle Control engine

  • 5 Gallon Fuel Tank

  • 10 MPH Forward speed and 5 MPH in Reverse

  • Cutting Height From 1 Inches to 5 Inches

  • 2 Year no hour limit Warranty

  • 10-Gauge Steel deck

  • 12 CC Transmission

  • Large 24x9.5-12 Rear Wheels for more Traction Control

  • Adjustable Hip pad for Larger users

  • Exclusive Pro Support App that allows users to schedule maintenance, live 1 on 1 support and service locating

Pricing - $8,999* for the 48" Model and $9,499* for the 54" Model

*Fleet Pricing is Available

FT730V EFI with Electronic Throttle Control

At first look some of the key features I am excited about is the 26 HP FT engine with throttle control, which from what I tell may reduce fuel consumption by adjusting on the fly to conditions, I also like the Pro App and I am curious to see this in real world condition for service and support.

When Comparing to other entries in the market, particularly legacy mower like Wright or Toro I think this machine stacks up well, Check the Chart below for my key points.

Competition Comparison

I think the the In House Service App will be interesting to see how it plays out, considering it is yet to be seen who and how many shops will service these DeWalt Machines and what kind of support will be offered.

Fleet discounts will play a large role in the mass adoption of these units as well, as the better the buy down the more likely we will see larger companies making the switch, However I think for now this may be a Small independent contractors choice due to the lower cost of entry, great specs and High visibility at Local Home Depot stores.

DeWalt has made a very good first attempt at playing with the big dogs, with the Large rear tires, Efficient Kawasaki 26 HP engine, 12cc Hydro pumps and a very competitive price points I could see them have some success.

How to Buy?

If you want to purchase this machine visit Home Depot below

or to learn more visit DeWalt

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