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Spring Time is approaching

Often time people ask, "How can I get a beautiful lawn?" or "Can you seed my lawn?" But the the real question they should be asking is, "Can you get rid of all my weeds?" Weeds suck a lawn dry of nutrients and leave little to go around for the grass, also grass cannot grow where this is already a weed.

The most important step to have a beautiful and healthy lawn is not throwing a bunch of seed or fertilizer down, its to preventing weeds and getting rid of ones that you have.

We suggest a round of Pre-Emergent to be laid down before spring to prevent weeds from ever starting, spot spraying weeds as needed with a broad-spectrum herbicide to cover any weeds that got through the initial preventative measures and before you know it, you'll have a beautiful weed free lawn.

Seeding really cannot be done during this process, as Pre-Emergent is a germination preventer, so its best to only spot seed in small areas with new soil during this period, and when you are ready to see choose to do so in the Fall, when its best to apply fertilizer and seed.

We suggest Lesco Products for all your Fertilizer and Chemical application, those can be purchased at most big box stores and Site One landscape supply, If you would like to schedule a quick assessment or set up treatments request service here and fill out the simple request form to get started!

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